A liver transplant is a type of surgery where a damaged or injured liver is replaced with a healthy one. A liver transplant surgery can save your life if your liver is not working properly, where a donor donates a healthy liver.

Liver transplant history

 It is important to assess the whole situation objectively, pinpoint issues, and explore long-term corrective steps as the liver transplant trip in India reaches significant numbers and suggests high-caliber technical expertise. However, even if the percentage of deceased donor liver transplants is rising, the activity is heavily biased in favor of live donor transplants and the commercial sector, in addition to significant geographical discrepancies. Concerns include:

  • The procedure’s high price.
  • Public hospitals’ inadequate participation.
  • The absence of a national registry.
  • The lack of results reporting.

A more justifiable severity-based method needs to replace the current organ-sharing regulations.

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 Types of Surgery in Liver Transplant

  • Conventional transplant
  • Increasing the donor pool
  • Living donors
  • Receiving two organs
  • Split liver transplantation
  • Advanced treatment strategies

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If you are looking for the best liver transplant surgeon in India, let us suggest the perfect man for the job. Dr. Neerav Goyal is a gastroenterology specialist. He has completed the MBBS, DNB (surgery), and DNB (surgical gastroenterology) programs.

He has done about 2,500 successful transplants. He always performed with his team. He was a senior consultant in liver transplant and surgical gastroenterology at Apollo Hospitals, and he is a gold-medal-winning surgeon who has successfully performed complex procedures.

Dr. Goyal has conducted over 2500 liver transplants in his 18 years of practice. This includes almost 500 cadaver liver transplants and 220 pediatric liver transplants.

And now we are talking about his awards.

  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, was awarded a gold medal for the best article submitted in 2007.
  • Understanding the Concept of Right Posterior Sector Graft received the Best Video Award.
  • Understanding the Concept of the Right Posterior Sector Graft was chosen as one of six exceptional movies from around the world at the International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS) Annual Conference in Chicago (2015).

How we take the liver transplant process further to ensure all is good?

To execute the liver transplant surgery, the donor and the receiver will be admitted to our hospital for a simultaneous surgical procedure. The operation can last anywhere from 12 to 20 hours. First, the recipient’s old, diseased liver will be removed and replaced with the donated liver by our surgeon.

The patient will be admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) after the surgery. While in the ICU, specially trained doctors and nurses will keep a close eye on you. To prevent problems with your new liver, you’ll start taking immunosuppressants. Then, the doctors and nurses will carry out their duties.

Further preventions:

  • Blood tests regularly to ensure that your new liver is functioning properly.
  • Medical tests ensure that your heart, lungs, and kidneys function properly.
  • When your doctors believe you are ready, you will be transferred from the ICU to a regular hospital room.


A liver transplant is risky, but the surgery success rate of Dr. Neerav Goyal is very high, and people trust him for such surgeries. Therefore, he is the best option when you are looking for risk-free and successful liver transplant surgery.


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